RAIL4CITIES at the UIC Stations Days in Paris

The RAIL4CITIES project took center stage on the 20th of September in Paris, during the UIC Stations Days, with a presentation by Alice Lunardon from BABLE Smart Cities. This initiative has set its sights on transforming the very essence of railway stations, making them epicenters of sustainability and urban renewal.

Alice Lunardon commenced her presentation by introducing the concept of the ‘Sustainable City Developer’ (SCP). This visionary idea underlines the untapped potential hidden within the heart of our cities – railway stations. These stations, often perceived as mere transit hubs, are poised to become catalysts for advanced engineering solutions that can safeguard our environment by promoting resource reuse and recycling.

In essence, railway stations can evolve into vibrant urban centers, effectively blending socially inclusive services, local amenities, and green mobility solutions to cater to the diverse needs of citizens in their daily lives.

The RAIL4CITIES project articulates three key objectives:

  1. Establishing Railway Stations as Urban Vital Centers: This ambitious goal seeks to position railway stations as the epicenters of sustainable urban development. By fostering ‘circular’ and resilient infrastructures, these stations will contribute significantly to the growth of sustainable cities.
  2. Developing an EU-Wide Model: RAIL4CITIES aims to craft a comprehensive model, methodology, and practical tools that can be employed across the European Union. This holistic approach ensures the effective and sustainable implementation of the project’s core concepts within railway stations.
  3. Ecosystem Activation and Promotion: The project acknowledges that successful transformation cannot occur in isolation. To this end, it seeks to catalyse an ecosystem of collaboration, fostering synergies among various investments. Through these collective efforts, the project aspires to actively promote and amplify the results achieved.

RAIL4CITIES represents a beacon of change in the realm of urban development. By redefining the role of railway stations and infusing them with sustainable and resilient ideals, the project paves the way for greener, more inclusive, and socially vibrant urban centers.

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